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Artificial Intelligence Implementation Services

Artificial Intelligence Implementation Services

Unify provides Artificial Intelligence Implementation Services across all categories of AI – Sense, Learn, Reason and Act. Your customers want tailored service and want it quickly. Traditionally, organizations have provided such services to an elite group of customers due to the high cost of the services.

Unify provides Artificial Intelligence tools based on the Azure platform  that can help you provide such services at scale where customers can more naturally interact with the organization through automated technologies that encompass vision, speech, language and knowledge. We provide pre-built packages that can help your organization can quickly get up and running:

1. Vision Related Services: Automate working with Image and Video data and recognizing the content to respond to it in a meaningful manner. For example, an engineering products company can allow customers to upload the image of the part to provide engineering details, inventory availability in nearby locations and facilitate order placement in a seamless fashion.

2. Speech Related Services: Recognize what someone is saying and convert it to text or vice versa in an automated fashion. These services can understand multiple languages and translate them to making your offerings more accessible.

3. Language Related Services: Understand what someone says and translating it to an automated interface call by finding the intent of the speaker (programming method) and the object of the query (parameters). These are intelligent services that can also do spell check and make corrections before finding the intent and object.

4. Knowledge Related Services: Provides ability to automatically answer the questions, queries and customer support incidents that come through multi-channel interactions. This is an area where your proprietary data about your customers, their transactions and your offerings can be leveraged in a safe and secure manner to reduce client servicing and sales costs. It is possible to tap into your Billing Systems, Membership systems, ERP or CRM systems for providing the needed knowledge.

The power of leveraging these capabilities in combination can make an experience with a customer more natural and seamless. An organization usually has massive amounts of structured and unstructured - marketing, sales, logistics, operations, finance, and call centre data. This data can be leveraged to service both internal and external customers using Artificial Intelligence.One such example of exposing this data is via Conversational AI using Unify Chatbots. 

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