Business Intelligence, Big Data and Reporting

 Unify provides Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions to customers to drive informed decision-making at an executive and operational level by executives and middle-managers. Our reporting solutions are based on Azure Datawarehouse for Big Data management and Microsoft Power BI  for visualization.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is optimized for performing data analytics tasks, and working with large amounts of data. Azure Data Warehouse is optimized for OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) because it is built on top of the MPP (Massive Parallel Processing) architecture, and because it can hold massive amounts of data (up to 1 Petabyte). Azure Data Warehouse is secure as it provides Data Encryption at rest.

Power BI is a Powerful Business Intelligence tool with ability to get information out of big data very quickly. PowerBI is mobile optimized and provides an app that works on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or other iOS device.

 For converting data into information please email us at We help you make better and informed decisions.