Loyalty Management Software

Loyalty Management provides businesses a complete solution to drive customers to return to your business, improve customer engagement and increase customer satisfaction and customer retention. The Omni-channel Unify Loyalty solution includes Member Awards, Rewards, Point Redemptions, and Promotions. The Unify Loyalty solution is fully integrated with the Point of Sale and provides capability to be integrated with Mobile Apps, Ecommerce Web stores and the Call center so that a single customer view is available irrespective of the channel. 

Loyalty members get self-service capability to view transactions on a mobile application, customer portal or a store kiosk. The Unify loyalty program can help increase customer stickiness by rewarding customers for buying products or services in your retail or online stores. 

Targeted Promotions are served up to customers based on their profile and purchase history. Cross-sell and Up-sell is shown to customers to drive a higher wallet share for the business.

Key Features include:

· Loyalty Tiers: Setup multiple loyalty tiers such as Silver, Gold, Platinum to appropriately segment your members.

· Point Accruals and Earning Rules: Define earning rules to identify the activities that a customer can complete to earn rewards.  Earnings can be at different levels for different tier members. For example, Silver and Gold members may earn 1 point for every dollar but Platinum members may earn 2 points for every dollar spent with you.

· Activity based Awards: Setup awards for activities. For example, offering 500 points to new members for signing up and completing your profile.

· Point Redemption Rules: You can also define redemption rules to identify when and how a customer can redeem rewards. 

· Rewards and Promotions: Set up the types of rewards that you offer in your loyalty programs and track participation in your loyalty programs. 

· Event -based Promotions:  Setup Event-based promotions such as free gift in the birthday month of a member.

· Householding: Track member Householding to get an aggregate view of a household. Be able to have multiple cards for a member.

· Digital Cards and Physical Cards: Support for Member identification via digital cards using a QR Code or a Physical card that can be swiped in-store. 

· Alternative Member IDs: Support for alternative member IDs such as phone numbers, email addresses to find and associate a member with a sale. 

· Customer Satisfaction Awards: Award bonus points for customer satisfaction to resolve issues with appropriate security controls.

· Transfer of Loyalty Points: Allow transfer of points from one card to another or one member to another

· Gifting of Loyalty Points: Allow gifting of loyalty points from one member to another

· Offline Support: Allow accrual of loyalty points even when the store is offline without Internet. 

· Appropriate Liability Recognition and Accounting Posting: Ability to post an appropriate liability in the Balance sheet for Loyalty Balance in the System

· Expiration of Points: Allow Expiration of Points without activity after a certain time period.

Points Accrual and Loyalty Tiers

· Points Accrual can be accrued based on different rules. The rules can be applied to specific items, to the total amount of the transaction, or to the number of items in the transaction. You can also assign a fixed number of points per rule. 

· Customers can exchange reward points for discount, products or services. 

· Loyalty Tiers with rules to advance from one tier to another. 

· Loyalty points can be used for tracking purposes or to advance a customer to the next loyalty tier. The tier status can be awarded for a fixed period e.g. Diamond Status next year and can be based on performance of an alternate period e.g. Current Year, Prior Quarter or Prior Year.

· Tier Advancement can be done based on Loyalty Points Earned, Amount Spent, Total number of Transactions or a combination.

Loyalty Card Management

· Loyalty cards entitle card holders to participate in organization’s loyalty programs. 

· Loyalty cards can be issued anonymously, or they can be assigned to a specific customer. 

· Customer can redeem loyalty points from multiple associated loyalty cards, if the loyalty program allows this. 

· Loyalty cards can be issued from any retail channel, and loyalty points can be redeemed in any retail channel that participates in the loyalty programs that are assigned to the loyalty card.   

Promotions Management

· Capability to define promotions for members

· Define ranges for dollar spending limits, quantities, start and end dates/times.

· Define channels (Web, Store, Call center, Mobile App etc.) that will participate in promotion

· Define discount rules and how they will be applied

· Use promotions to apply discounts to orders

· Targeted Promotions with automatic recommendation of promotions for members based on past purchase history

Key Benefits of Unify Loyalty Management 

· Centralized Member view that shows transactions across all channels

· Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) Analysis to give you insight into your most valuable customers

· Automated Customer Segmentation to allow you to better serve your most valuable customers and increase your profitability.

· Improve Customer Retention with a program that rewards members for coming back

· Targeted Promotions to drive results and to bring back customers to your business again and again

· Consistent customer experience across all channels

· Differentiate yourself with a superior loyalty program

· Drive higher financial performance and improved profitability due to repeat buying and customer loyalty

Contact Unify

For more information on deploying a loyalty solution  email us at info@unifydots.com  

Loyalty Software with self-service Mobile App and Portal to improve customer retention
Loyalty Software with self-service Mobile App and Portal to improve customer retention