Inquiry to Property Contract

Chatbot Software for Real Estate to increase sales

 Use Chatbots to increase the number of inquiries and prospects on your site. Convert casual website visitors to engaged prospective customers. Use our purpose-built CRM to track opportunities for both leasing and buying/selling properties. 

Increase Property Sales

Real Estate CRM tracks home buying inquiries, commercial leasing prospects, office space purchases

Real Estate focused CRM for Lead and Opportunity Management. Manage opportunities for home buying inquiries, commercial leasing prospects, landlords wishing to lease properties, commercial office space purchase inquiries.

Property Management


 Automate property management with recurring billing for rentals,  association dues, utility billing and property tax dues. Bill different charges at different frequencies including weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual. 

Sales Contracts & Commissions

Real Estate Sales Contract Software with Broker and Agent Commission management

 Manage Real Estate sales contracts including associating brokers and agents, tracking customer payments, invoicing customers, accepting payments and calculating commissions along with commission payments based on milestones 

Service Management

Real Estate Service Management Scheduling including Work Orders, Repairs and Installations

Schedule engineering and maintenance staff for repairs, work orders and installations. One-off billing for repairs, work orders, installations and other service orders. 

Information to Residents

Mobile Property Website for Information Updates to Residents

 Mobile optimized property website for major announcements, events and updates of other relevant information.

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