Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement CRM

Unify Dots can help accelerate your  business transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement CRM Software. Unify offers Best Practice CRM System implementation services for Sales Automation, Customer Service, Customer Engagement and Marketing. Services include Consulting, Implementation, Customization, Data Transformation & Migration along with Third Party Integrations.

1. Consulting Services – We bring in over two decades of industry experience in Airlines, Banks, Hospitality, Insurance, Real Estate,  Retail and Telecom to share with you how others have transformed their organization. The industry experience coupled with a methodology to identify your key pain points would ensure that your CRM implementation has well defined goals to achieve.

2. Implementation Services – Unify’s unique approach to CRM Software Implementation uses a “Show and Tell” philosophy where you get to see results as your implementation progresses. This is very different than traditional approach of seeing the results at the very end of the implementation. Unify’s approach is powered by a set of proprietary tools that allow your organization to stay customer centric while working through the nitty gritty of an implementation.

3. Customization Services – Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM provide a range of configurations to map required business processes to the solution. However, sometimes customisations are required to make the process seamless. Unify brings proven capabilities in various Open Source technologies to provide such customization services as well as Microsoft specific technologies.

4. Data Transformation & Migration Services – Building a centralized Customer 360-degree view requires bringing together data from a variety of sources. Unify can migrate historical data by transforming them into structures that are friendly for CRM solutions. In some cases, more complex data transformations may be required to match the records with relevant customer master etc. Unify brings in industry specific tools that can be leveraged to perform such migration services with ease.

5. Third Party Integrations – A CRM system needs to be able to communicate with other customers facing systems such as eCommerce, Mobile Apps as well as back office solutions such as ERP or Billing Systems to be effective. Such integrations can be built using open technologies such as Web Services or ready built connectors depending on the third party solution that needs to be integrated.

A well implemented CRM can be instrumental in simplifying, centralizing and securing your customer engagements. Now, it’s possible to do all of this at scale with personalized offerings targeted towards individual customers.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement CRM Consulting, Customization, Implementation, QA
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement CRM Consulting, Customization, Implementation, QA